“The Sacred Canopy” was coined in the 1960s by sociologist Peter Berger to explain how our ancestors used to see the world, where science was yet an embryo growing in humanity’s head, and more was unseen than seen. We have adopted the term to launch a new idea, a new concept, a new being for those who know God, but more especially for those who would seek spirituality beyond concrete, wisdom beyond fact. Whilst it will have some roots in Celtic Christianity, as it did for our ancestors, it will also reflect contemporary Spirit led reflection and meditation.

The principal ethos beneath the Sacred Canopy is that of communal recognition of something bigger and beyond us that actually has a care for us as individuals and that the beauty of our world is there for our inspiration and pleasure. Celtic Christianity was a heady blend of the pagan fear of the world beyond our comprehension and the faith that believes Jesus was sent by the God of that world to reassure us and call us to something greater than the troubles of that world. A Kingdom where there is meaning, compassion, hope and love.

The Sacred Canopy is intended as a safe space for anyone to explore themselves in the context of their inner being, the community which they are invited to join, and the heavens beyond our experiences and understanding. To hold the community sense of our journey, not just to work, but through life at work and home, there is a Facebook Group called the Sacred Canopy. We ask you to respect one another’s beliefs and private lives. On this basis anyone is free to follow us, or comment here, or in the Facebook group.

Like the blue sky of the scroll in our story, it has yet to be unrolled fully, but aims to reach out to potential groups within and without the church, such as commuters and workers, who would seek a new way of ‘doing church.’ In becoming a church with fuzzy edges we seek to reach out inclusively, not denying our faith, for those who might be seeking: those who must first look from the outside before they can see who God really is inside.

In using the material on this web site you can watch the videos or just read the text below them which is a summary. Each video is less than ten minutes in most cases. Bear in mind that we need to protect our mind and spirit from influences that might not be helpful. Most faiths acknowledge the presence of evil and evil spirits and our prayer is that you will keep safely to the thoughts and meditations within the sacred and not venture into the profane.

We originated in the Parish of Heswall on the Wirral and met in a  coffee house there each Monday morning, on our way to work but now we are meeting online and you can explore the sessions in you own time. Our desire is to show God in all his glory and love, but we accept all beliefs and those without faith to explore our journey through life together without pressure and without prejudice.